Nighttime displays are essential for many companies! Lightboxes are manufactured in a variety of ways using a variety of techniques. Lightbox requirements are site-specific in most instances & designs are compiled to accommodate the necessary site requirements.

Light boxes are often suspended or projected for double-sided viewing. They can be installed flat against walls, connected to day/night switches enabling power on automatically when it gets dark. The face choice of light boxes is usually down to 3 options:

  • Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas etc.) – this is a smart option, providing a good quality finish, durability & strength (acrylics are six times tougher than glass!)
  • PVC – This is a digitally printed backlit PVC option which provides a very suitable finish in most cases but is not advised if within reach of potential vandals – the PVC can be damaged with a sharp object, often requiring entire face replacement.
  • Another option is to stencil cut lettering & logos from an aluminium plate, back it up with acrylic & have a very stylish finish, often used for more upmarket corporates wanting world-class finishes.

Illumination could either be by traditional fluorescent tubing or LED technology. Again, these options are to be discussed at the time of enquiry to better understand the pros & cons of either type.