Chromadeck Signs

This option has been a signage favourite for many years. Galvanized sheet metal or coated galvanized sheet metal (chromadeck) is excellent for outdoor displays. The metal sheets can be decorated in digital print or cutout vinyl graphics & branded to suit the requirement of most companies needing some sign exposure.

The product is limited in width due to coil sizes, but there are some creative ways of combining panels without losing a quality finish.

Standard sheet sizes are available at 2450mm x 1225mm & 3000mm x 1225mm. Working within these sizes is always best for the most cost-effective yet practical choice.

The sheet metal can be installed flat against walls where low costs are critical or mounted to the frame & finished off with a colour-coded aluminium trim for a higher quality finish.

The sheets can be guillotined into smaller sections & are used in a large variety of applications due to their durability.